Eric Corriel

The Brooklyn Zoo

Site-specific, public art interactive digital video installation, 2009

The Brooklyn Zoo is an interactive video installation that turns a gated storefront window into a cage inhabited by a giant cartoon creature whose eyes follow people as they pass by

Carroll Gardens is a neighborhood teaming with parents and children. While kids naturally seem to wonder about what lurks in the dark, sound-minded adults living in Brooklyn probably do the same. The Brooklyn Zoo is a playful and humorous exploration of this theme that has equally serious and humerous undertones.

The installation consists of a camcorder hooked up to a computer, which then process the video feed through motion-tracking algorithms, which in turn directs the eyes' movement. Special thanks to Justin Windle for the motion-tracking code. All programming was done in Flash/Actionscript3. The installation measures roughly 10' x 6'.

The Brooklyn Zoo was (a)live from June 6th to June 13th, 2009, sundown to sunrise.

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